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Foalcrop July

FIRST PICTURE: Okay! We have new foals this month! First one up is Kilborn's Taylor's Girl's offspring with Kilborn's Agent Eighty Six. The offspring's name is Kilborn's Agent Cassidy. His colour is bay (Ee Aa) and he is a colt. He is trained from the ground and can't get his hooves cleaned with no problem. He is a little aggressive when he wants something, but just need more training.

SECOND PICTURE: The next offspring is the lovechild of Kilborn's Deputy Flyer and Kilborn's Making Rainbows. Offspring's name is Kilborn's Making Cinnamon, and it's a filly. Her colour is bay (EE Aa) too. She is very human-related and cuddly, even though she can be a little shy with strangers. She examines everything and is curious. She is good with stalls and has no problem with being in a trailer either.

THIRD PICTURE: Offspring out of Kilborn's Ziano and Kilborn's Carrica. His name is Kilborn's Fuerstano, and he is a Bay (grey, EE Aa Gg) Dutch Warmblood colt. Has very elastic, springy movements. Elegant, petite head, coupled with friendly charisma, is a noble horse of special kindness.

FOURTH PICTURE: Kilborn's Tango is a cute little mare. She is out of sire Kilborn's Calimo and dam KIlborn's Arabella. She is a bay (Ee AAHanoverian filly, who isn't really an eye-catcher as she is just an 'ordinary' bay, but what she lack in colour, she has in personality! She is very friendly and easily handled.

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